Robby Mayfield

robby-mayfieldTraining Specialist

I was born in 1955 in Laurel, Ms. to Robert C. (Bob) and Margaret Mayfield and was child number five of eight children, and the first born son. I graduated from R.H. Watkins Laurel High School in 1973. After high school graduation, I attended Jones County Junior College and the University of Southern Mississippi majoring in Secondary Education, School Counseling, and Political Science. I attended the University of Southern Mississippi for two educational time periods.

I worked in the Oil & Gas exploration and production industry for 16 years from 1978 to 1994, working for Aminoil, Phillips Petroleum Corp., British Petroleum, and Amerada-Hess Corporation. During my career in the oil industry I worked 10 years in drilling/oil & gas exploration and six years in oil & gas production.

I began my career in the water and waste water utility industry in 1995 as the Ground Water Technician in the Wellhead Protection Program for the Mississippi Rural Water Association, Inc. I moved into MsRWA’s Technical & Managerial Training Program in 1999 and am currently the Training Specialist for the Mississippi Rural Water Association, Inc. I coordinate and administer formal classroom C.E.U. training programs, and on-site training and technical assistance for drinking water utility systems throughout Mississippi.