Associate VIP Program

All Associate Member Packages include:

*Certificate of Membership
*Membership Lapel Pin
*Company Contact Listing in MsRWA Membership Directory
*Association Mailings
*The Faucet
*Opportunity to speak at the MsRWA Conferences, and training events

What is a MsRWA Associate VIP?

A MsRWA Associate VIP is an Associate Member that is a very active supporter with the Association. These members attend a majority of MsRWA functions and stay current with their membership. An Associate VIP has a choice of four different levels of sponsorship designed with the Associate Member’s needs in mind: Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

What is the purpose of a MsRWA Associate VIP?

The Associate VIP Program provides a way for Associate Members to choose their level of activity within the Association that is right for their needs and write one check. Some Associates may choose to attend all functions and sponsor a variety of things, such as, meals, hole sponsorship at golf tournaments, social events, etc., for attendees. Other associates may choose to only attend the events.

What is the benefit of becoming an Associate VIP?

Recognition, Advertising, Rewards, Convenience & Support of the largest Water/Wastewater organization in the state!

As a MsRWA Associate VIP, your company will be recognized:

*At Major conferences, on conference materials
*In the Faucet – published quarterly
*On the MsRWA web site, Diamond & Platinum Sponsors receive a link to their own site.

As an Associate VIP, your company is eligible to receive:

*Priority booth selections available for Diamond & Platinum Sponsors
*Extra Discounts on Advertising for Diamond & Platinum Sponsors.
One of the most practical rewards of being an Associate VIP is the convenience of paying a one-time fee. Your company can avoid the hassle of waiting on “Corporate” for a check for each event by taking care of event fees when membership dues are paid. After joining as an Associate VIP, simply fill out the registration forms for each event to let MsRWA know your company will be attending and fax to our office.