Kirby Mayfield

Kirby MayfieldChief Executive Officer


I currently reside in Collins, Mississippi. This is where I was born and raised. I have three children, Brandi, Kimberly, Michael and one precious grandchild, Claire.

I serve on several different boards and committees; I serve as secretary/treasurer for Southwest Covington Water Association and have been on the board for approximately 10 years. I also serve on the board of Ms811 and currently the co-chair of MsWARN. I am also on the legislative committee for National Rural Water Association (NRWA).

I attend McDonald Presbyterian Church, where I serve as chairman of the deacons.

My career in the water business began in 1984, when I became the operator/manager of Southwest Covington Water Association. I worked there until I took a position as a circuit rider for Mississippi Rural Water Association (MsRWA) in March of 1990. I left MsRWA in June 1998 to work for Griner Drilling Service as a sales and technical representative. In June of 2000, I returned to MsRWA as a circuit rider until I assumed the duties of CEO of MsRWA in December 2007.

I am a certified operator through the State of Mississippi. While working as circuit rider, I received the Rookie Circuit Rider of the Year award in 1991 and in 1995 received the Circuit Rider of the Year award from NRWA.

In my spare time I enjoy hunting. I have truly enjoyed my career at MsRWA and am looking forward to many more years of serving the members of this great organization.